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Operadora de Hidrocarburos
Productos de Operadora de Hidrocarburos
Operadora de hidrocarburos InterAlco

Hydrocarbon Operator

InterAlco  commenced its activity as a Hydrocarbon Operator in 2021, having already become a reliable option for its clients, operating throughout the national territory and paying particular attention to the sustainability of the products marketed and respect for the environment.

It is through this division which Interalco markets diesel and gasoline, likewise, offering its clients the best guarantees of regulatory and statutory compliance applied to the sector, as well as ensuring compliance with all the requirements in terms of safety and the environment prescribed for the marketed products.

The Hydrocarbon Operator focuses its activity on the creation of value for its collaborators, which is the basis of its strategy to ensure its long-term sustainability, as well as its major competitive advantage. 

This line of business has an innovative operating model, based on the integration of operational management, planning skills and the commercial skills of its team. 

With a team of highly trained professionals and with a solid reputation, our Company takes advantage of the best market opportunities for both the purchase as well as sale of hydrocarbons, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the sector.


Gaseol A coches

Gasoil A

  • ​Gasoil A is an essential fuel for many sectors of the economy, and its worldwide demand has increased considerably in recent decades due to the growth of transportation and industry. It is a liquid fuel which is characterised by its high heating power and its ability to generate a large amount of energy as compared to other fuels. Furthermore, it is a relatively clean fuel in terms of exhaust gas emissions..

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Gasoil B

  • Gasoil B is a type of fuel similar to Gasoil A, but with a different chemical composition. It is mainly used as a heating fuel in homes, buildings and in certain industries. It can likewise be used in diesel engines, but is not permitted for use in road vehicles.

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Gasóleo B tractor
Gasolina 95 tablero coche

Gasoline 95

  • Gasoline 95 is a type of fuel used in vehicles equipped with gasoline engines, which is refined from crude oil. The number 95 refers to the octane rating, which is a measure of the anti-knocking properties of the fuel. Gasoline 95 is suitable for most modern gasoline engines. This type of gasoline is less dense than diesel and has a lower flash point. In certain countries, lead has been phased out of gasoline and the marketing of unleaded gasoline has been made mandatory. In this case, the unleaded 95 gasoline is the most common type of gasoline.

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Location and  infrastructure

Petroleum Products Operator has offices in the Dehydration Plant facilities in Alcázar de San Juan and in Ciudad Real, capital city, from where a multidisciplinary team undertakes all the activities related to this line of business.

Localización e infrastructuras
Mapa InterAlco

InterAlco has signed contracts with the major storage facilities for petroleum products in Spain, as a result, providing service to its clients throughout the national territory

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