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The Company

Internacional de Alcoholes, S.A. was founded in 1986 as an independent alcohol bonded warehouse, its corporate purpose being, among others, the purchase and sale of alcohols and beverage derivatives thereof, as well as the storage, handling and processing of such products.

​In May 2018, Alcoholes de Tomelloso, S.A. acquired the bioethanol production plant located in Alcázar de San Juan, in operation since 2006. In July of that year, the bioethanol production plant is now owned by Internacional de Alcoholes, S.A., an Altosa Group company.

​At the same time, the company's initial corporate purpose was extended to include, as its principal economic activity, the wholesale distribution of fuels and petroleum fuels, the manufacture of biofuels consisting of bioethanol and the storage of alcohols and other raw materials required for its manufacture.

​Internacional de Alcoholes, S.A. from that moment on has a bioethanol production plant for biofuel purposes, equipping the Company's business with the production and marketing of dehydrated distilled alcohols, as well as the production and marketing of bioethanol for biofuel purposes.

​ In September 2021, Internacional del Alcoholes, S.A. commences the activity of Hydrocarbon Operator, and so consolidating its strategy based on its commitment to the sustainability of the planet, the contribution of transferable value to its customers and to society as a whole .

Fabrica InterAlco
Our Team

Our team

InterAlco has a complete team of professionals involved in all stages of the production process, ensuring the best quality and service from sourcing to marketing.


All additions to our team are undertaken by means of a stringent selection process through technical, transparent and non-discriminatory procedures, based on merit and excellence, promoting the participation of all types of people, evaluating using the criteria of equity and without any distinction other than their professional skills, respecting and accepting with objectivity the personal differences in all their aspects, within the framework of the values of the organisation.

Nuestro Equipo
Nuestro Valores

Our Values

The activity of our company is governed by a series of ethical and professional principles which define its identity and philosophy. These principles, essential to our organisation, are the cornerstones for all our actions and business decisions. Striving to maintain ethical and honest conduct in all our business dealings, and are committed to excellence in all that we do. 

We believe that integrity and transparency are fundamental in our business relationships, and seek to establish relationships of trust with our clients and suppliers. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients and strive to provide high quality and personalised service. 

Nuestros Valores

In our company, innovation and creativity is valued with particular consideration, working with a highly qualified and motivated team to obtain the company's objectives. Furthermore, fostering corporate social responsibility and strive to contribute to sustainable development and the improvement of the community in which we operate. 

Our company is governed by ethical and professional principles which shape our identity and philosophy. These principles are inherent to our organisation and guide us in all our actions and business decisions.

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